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2018 Schedule

All games played at NCAAA Diamond #1 unless noted.
Date Team vs Team
May15 6p Cards vs Pirates
May16 6p Nationals vs Yankees
May21 6p Cards vs Yankees
May23 6p Nationals vs Pirates
May28 Memorial Day: No Games Scheduled
May29 6p Yankees vs Nationals
May30 Pirates vs Cards
Jun02 NCAAA Parade Day
2:15 Yankees vs Cards
3:30 Pirates vs Nationals
Jun05 6:00 Cards vs Pirates
Jun06 6:00 Nationals vs Yankees
Jun11 6:00 Cards vs Yankees
Jun13 7:15 Nationals vs Pirates
Jun20 5:45 Pirates vs Cards
7:00 Yankees vs Cards
Jun21 5:45 Yankees vs Nationals
7:00 Pirates vs Nationals
Jun22 NCAAA Day at Coca-Cola Field
Jun23 Picture Day
Jun25 6:00 Nationals vs Cards
Jun27 6:00 Yankees PPD TBD Nationals
Jun29 NCAAA Movie Night on Diamond 3
6:00 Pirates vs Yankees
(D3) 8:30 “Angels in the Outfield” on The Big Screen
Jun30 Theme Basket Night at Eagles Club
Jul02 5:45 Yankees vs Cards
Jul03 5:45 Pirates vs Yankees
7:00 Cards vs Nationals
Jul04 Independence Day: No Games Scheduled
Jul05 6p Nationals vs Pirates
Jul28 10am Moving Up Game PRACTICE on D5
Aug08 6pm Moving Up Game PRACTICE on D5
Aug11 10:30 Annual Moving Up Game on D5
Aug11 NCAAA Picnic and Awards Day at NC Sports Complex Noon-4pm
Subject to change due to field conditions or weather