Welcome to NCAAA’s House Flag Football League.  We are aiming for the 4 & 5 year old children who want to learn about the game in a safe and (grid-iron) nurturing environment.

The plan for now is to have our own existing coaches help launch the program, while we’ll be looking for an outstanding volunteer to help champion this new entity.

Many of the details are still being discussed and planned and will take some time to finalize.  We ask for your patience during this time.  Our goal is to provide an fun, safe environment where we can teach the children the game and provide a supportive and encouraging experience for many who will be getting their first taste of team sports.  Right now our priority is to to gauge the interest level, work out the logistics of games and ensure we have enough help to put out a good product that is inexpensive but provides value and enhancement to our already thriving football program.

If you have ideas, feedback, or just want to help out in some way; please fill out and submit the form below and someone will get in touch.  Include your phone # if you wish for a callback.  Thanks.

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Please send an email to dflick.NCFootball@gmail.com or call 716-880-6694 for more info.

Flyer is here > Flyer_FlagFootball_v2.0