NC Freshman Spartans

Welcome to the page dedicated to NCAAA’s Freshman Spartans football team.  NCAAA participates in the OATKA Football and Cheerleading league, and competes against teams from the Western NY region.

  • Ages 8-9
  • 110 pound maximum

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Eric Farinacci  716.200.3024
Team Manager: Toya Beverly
Assistant Head Coach(s): Mike Harber  716.6o2.52oo / Ken McCracken
Off. Coordinator(AAHC): Gary Steltermann| 716.949.9219
Defensive Coordinator: Chris Clay | 716.860.4461
Assistant Coach: Marty Farinacci
Assistant Coach: Daniel Farinacci
Assistant Coach: Johnny
Assistant Coach: Jake
Assistant Coach: Kyle “Otter” Chandler
Quality Control – Offense: JoJo Madden
HOTK: Leo Nidas
prepare for glory…