NCAAA 12U Interleague Softball

Welcome to the page dedicated to the NCAAA 12U Softball team coached by Melissa Bell!


Date Away @ Home
May12 Noon RO1 NCAAA @ Queens
May14 6:30 RO1 NCAAA @ Cougars
May19 8p SL1 NCAAA @ Georgia
May22 6:30 NC1 Queens @ NCAAA
May25 6p NC1 Georgia @ NCAAA
May31 6p NC1 Auburn @ NCAAA
Jun02 NCAAA Parade and Picture Day
Jun07 6p NC1 Georgia @ NCAAA
Jun09 4p SL1 NCAAA  Auburn
Jun12 6:30 NC1 Cougars @ NCAAA
Jun19 6p NC1 Auburn @ NCAAA
Jun23 2p RO1 NCAAA @ Cougars
Jun27 6:30 RO2 NCAAA @ Queens
TBD NCAAA Picnic and Awards Day: (NCAAA Sports Complex) 11-4