NCAAA Softball Registration

Registering for our softball program is easy!  Just register online below, or contact Melissa Bell at 716-908-8225 or

Current registration schedule:

  • Softball: Open until May 20th

Registration Fees:

  • T-Ball: $30 per child
  • Softball: $55 per child
  • Hardball: $55 per child
  • FUNDRAISING DEPOSIT: $75.00 (Per Household)

Add your registration fees + $75 household fundraising deposit to get your total due at registration.  If you have more than 1 child a 1 plays T-Ball, the T-Baller will act as the additional child.  If all children will be playing T-Ball then the fee will remain $30 per child.

Fund Raising Commitment: (15) ‐ $5.00 Raffle Tickets
Ticket deposit due with registration.  Once you have sold your tickets you turn in the stubs and keep the money as reimbursement.  Stubs must be returned no later than the Picnic at the end of the year in August.  This is when prizes will be drawn.